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Adult and Children Costumes!

 Darth Vader

Our authentic Darth Vader costume is for adults only. Fits adults from 5'8" - 6"3" up to a 44" chest.  Size 13 Boots are included with this costume.  Allow 20 minutes to get into costume and drink plenty of water before hand. We recommend you bring athletic type undershirt and shorts. Being the most powerful Jedi comes with a cost. Costume can be warm and you may sweat, but it is totally worth it.


Inspired by the classic Princess Leia costume complete with belt and the famous Leia bun wig is available for both adult and children. We recommend clients wear a white or nude cami and shorts or a full length slip with this costume. White ballet flats or tall white boots recommended.

 Dark Lord

Based upon Annakin Skywalker's Sith uniform in "The Revenge of The Sith", this black tunic, pant and cape set is perfect for kids and adults. Black or dark brown mid calf boots recommended.


Based upon Obi_Wan Kenobi, this classic Jedi tunic, belt and cloak are fitting for any one wanting to fight the Empire and help restore peace to the galaxy. Available for both children and adults.

We recommend bringing dark brown boots along with shorts and an under shirt. Of course, no Jedi is complete without  his/her light saber. No worries, we have those too.

 Kylo Ren

He may be the villain in the latest film, but there is still good in him, so do not feel bad for wanting to portray this popular character. Our licensed Kylo Ren is sized for children and teens. Complete with tunic, cloak, belt, gloves, full helmet and famous cross bar light saber.

We recommend you come dressed in black pants, mid-calf boots and a dark under shirt.


The legendary smuggler and captain of the millennium falcon. These two outfits are from the original Star Wars films, 'A New Hope' and  'The Empire Strike Back' with classic vest/jacket, striped pants, shirt, belt, holster and pistol. Sized adult mens large and X-Large.  We recommend you bring tall (mid-calf) brown boots and a white tank or v-neck under shirt.


These Skilled soldiers are trained to carry out the Empire's wishes. Our authentic trooper costume is an officially licensed classic "New Hope" version. Costume is complete with body armor, full helmet, size 13 boots and blaster. Due to the armor on this outfit, only adults ranging from 5'8-6'3 and chest sizes up to 45" will suffice. A full body jump suit (L-XL) is supplied or you may supply your own black long sleeve under armor type shirt and pants.  Allow 20 minutes to be fitted and dressed.


Inspired by Rey in the new film "The Force Awakens" as an orphan who is winds up stuck in the middle of an epic story. Strength, beauty and wits make this character a fan favorite. Available in both children and adult sizes. You will need brown ankle boots to complete ensemble along with a nude cami or tank.


Soar the galaxy and attack the empire with skill and cunning. This Famous orange jumpsuit complete with flight helmet and a few other hidden surprises.


Based upon Luke Skywalker, we have two classic costumes. The farm boy from Tattoine and then the Jedi who comes to save the rebellion and rescue Darth Vader from the clutches of the Empire

 Of course, no Jedi is complete without  his/her light saber. No worries, we have those too.

 Saber Saber

No Jedi is complete without this elegant weapon. Our light sabers are the real deal. Authentic sound, color, design. Whether you choose the light or dark side, we have a saber ready for you.

 Blasters and Pistols

What good is being in a galactic battle without a weapon. While these won't fire any deadly laser beams, they are sure to finish off your rebel or empire ensemble. Choose a classic blaster riffle or trusty side arm for both boys and girls.

 Salvaged Staff

When you live alone on a forsaken planet, you do what you have to. Fight off scavengers, thieves and pesky Jawas with this custom weapon made from salvaged pieces found during searches of abandoned star cruisers.


Helmets, masks, boots, belts and other accessories are key pieces to our costuming. While we do not have everything, we do have a variety of options for you to choose from. Click here to see our sizing chart and info for boots and shoes.

 Choose a Side

Choosing a side does not limit your character choice. Space Days is designed so that all costumes and sets work together, regardless of your allegiance. Want both, select the Saga or Battle Station session and travel the galaxy.

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